Control system construction

Whether small distribution boards or complex control cabinet group, our own factory and experienced staff construct every switching system to the highest quality. Conforming to global or customer-specific standards is a matter of course.

No matter if the electronics plans are created internally or delivered by you, we will complete your goal in cooperation with you.

Only tested and specified components are used. Every control cabinet is tested extensively according to current norms and regulations, as well as customer requirements, before it is delivered.

These are the services we offer in the area of control system construction:

  • Low voltage main distributors
  • Main distributors for buildings
  • Low voltage sub-distributors
  • Installation distributors
  • Small installation distributors and meters
  • Compensation systems
  • Measuring equipment, regulating boxes and control cabinets
  • Operating consoles and display tables
  • Plus other customer-specific switching systems

Don’t hesitate to call us for more details! We will be glad to give you information.

Your partner

Roman Blaschtzik
Head of control cabinet construction

+49 9401 9202-0